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About us



Our Land

Love and passion are what drive us here at Terre Di San Vito. We started with a small plot of land and just a few vines, olive trees and a plot for vegetables. We soon realised this rust-coloured soil was the perfect environment for growing exceptionally flavoursome grapes and produce. Over the past 15 years, we have increased the size of our farm to 45 hectares and this has enabled us to extend the vineyards, build a cellar and increase the number of olive trees whilst still maintaining traditional values and sustainable methods for working the land.  

With respect for the past and a love of food and wine, our family have lovingly restored and developed this land. We have built a new summer house where you can experience our exceptional wine-tasting sessions. A shop with all our traditional produce and where we add the finishing touches to our wine bottles. A chicken coop, a drove of donkeys, a flock of goats and a muster of beautiful peacocks are a new and welcomed addition to the land. You must come and visit us – it is indeed a place where work and nature live in perfect harmony.

Our produce

Our signature products are: wine, olive oil and marinated vegetables. We use traditional, Southern Italian methods for collecting our olives and grapes as well as in the making of our sundried tomatoes and vegetables marinated in olive oil. These Southern Italian methods really mean getting the staff and the whole family together: sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles and cousins – including the family from England (timing holidays to coincide with harvest time).

With the Mediterranean sun shining over the region, our vineyards grow an incredible range of grapes: Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Primitivo for our full-bodied flavoursome red wines. Sauvignon Blanc and Malbec for our mild white and delicately refreshing Rosé. We begin the harvest at sunrise (after a full English breakfast) while the temperature is still cool. Zio Franco (owner) and Salac (head groundsman) give strict instructions about remembering to put the grapes ‘carefully’ in to the crates – no throwing or they will blister and begin to ferment! They give the same instructions every year. Then the picking and cutting begins. We pick until the afternoon and it is back breaking work but we love it! Our produce give you a real authentic taste of Puglia.

At Terre Di San Vito, we grow and use Coratina, Ogliarola and Favolosa olives and meticulous attention is given to the production process, in particular, harvesting by hand and then cold-pressing for optimal flavour. This Olive Oil can be found in Waitrose stores across the UK. It is this rich olive oil which we also use to marinate our delicious sundried tomatoes.  

The cultivation of the grapes and olives is carried out near Polignano a Mare, mostly in the Hamlet of San Vito. The farm has received recognition from as an exemplary model of quality-based farming, knowledge recovery and traditional production techniques.

The team

We pour the very essence of Italian craftsmanship, traditional Apulian methods and love into our authentic produce. None of this would be possible without the Terre Di San Vito team and family. We strongly believe that you cannot make great produce without a great team and great passion.

Even though we are a small family farm, we are fortunate to have a wonderfully hard-working, loyal and experienced team and willing family members! Over the years, we have learnt together and discovered our own way of doing things. Sharing common values and having the same goals is our recipe for success.  

The owner is Francesco De Napoli (Zio Franco). He has such a passionate and creative mind – he inspires all of us. He had a dream and now it is becoming a reality. His wife (Zia Lucia) keeps everyone in line and is the most marvelous cook – she makes sure the family recipes are alive and kicking! Giovanni, the eldest son knows his wine! Winning Italian TV series ‘War Of The Wineries 2019’. He works alongside his father on the farm, organises events and gives a most incredibly knowledgeable and enthusiastic wine-tasting experience for local and overseas visitors. Elena (the eldest) helps with the administration and Giaccamo (the youngest of Zio Franco’s children) also works on the farm and is designing a range of beauty products inspired by the Terre Di San Vito olives and wines! Look out for them!

Then we have us, the UK family! We are based in the UK but we spent our childhood in Italy. Every school holiday – off we went to see the family and enjoy the company of our 35 cousins. We loved every minute! A small farm we may be – a small family – no! Now as adults, our love for our family and traditions has remained. Johnny De Napoli is Franco’s nephew – our dad was Franco’s big brother and to say our dad loved his family, wine and food is not an understatement and we share that same love and passion. Johnny is a media executive who celebrates his Italian roots at every opportunity. He relishes drinking wine and eating the mouth-watering traditional foods of his Italian heritage by opening the distribution of Terre Di San Vito’s product range to the UK and beyond. Sharing with you, the delights of Terre Di San Vito is his pleasure.

Whenever you are in Puglia – come and see us – you can meet the team, share our food and explore our wines!

From Terre Di San Vito, Puglia, Italy with love ❤️