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If you're looking for something really special then why not buy one of our hand made TERRACOTTA JARS, containing our extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil in a number of beautiful colours?

Handmade locally in the village, they are the same style vessels that the people of Puglia have been storing their olive oil and wine in for centuries, each with a completely unique and distinctive design.

Sundried tomatoes

Our sundried tomatoes are grown and prepared at our family farm using our traditional secret family recipe. They are then transferred into jars for you to enjoy.

Try one and we bet you'll eat them all! ❤️


War Of Wineries winner 2018

In 2018, Giovanni De Napoli won the Italian reality TV Series "War Of Wineries" showing his vinicultural skills!

Bellavita Winner 2016

In 2016, our olive oil won 1 star (Excellence Award) at the Amsterdam Expo. We are extremely proud that both our wine and olive oil have been given this recognition.

Bellavita Winner 2015

In 2015, Terre Di San Vito’s Il Vescovo Red Wine, won 2 Stars (Excellence Award) in the ‘Best Beverage’ category at the Bellavita Awards in London. There were a number of world-renowned brands taking part. A major milestone for our wine, giving a delicious grape the recognition it deserves.