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Posted by TEAM TDSV on 2022-03-08
Book your wine tasting experience
We all know Italians love their food and wine and love to share it! At our farm in Polignano, we offer an incredible wine tasting experience. Giovanni De Napoli, winner of the Italian TV show ‘War of Wineries’ is the host with the most. He will give you a unique wine tasting experience you will love!
Your experience starts here...
On entering the Terre di San Vito farm, Giovanni will take you on a guided tour of the vineyard clearly explaining the cultivation process from planting to harvesting through to the bottling of our five wines, olive oil and marinated vegetables.
You will explore the lush and fertile land where the vegetables and fruit are grown and pass the many, olive trees that have been growing on our land for 100's of years producing award winning olives for our olive oil.
From there you will begin your wine tasting experience. We recommend you plan your day around this event – it truly is a wonderful experience.  Your taste buds will be tingling when you try our award winning wine
  1. Il Vescovo-  Il Vescovo is our award winning flagship red wine. Made with a mix of our Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec (IGT) grapes, it is a complex and elegant blend that is rich and full-bodied. An incredibly tasty and generously balanced red wine that won 2 stars of excellence at the London 2015 Bellavita awards.
  2. Tinto- Our Tinto is a red wine - a Malbec with a pure velvety texture and violet hues. Its silky tannins help give it a dark, deep red colour and evokes hints of blueberry, blackberry and cherry.
  3. Apeneste(IGT), comes only from the Sauvignon Blanc grapes grown in our vineyard in Polignano. They are hand-picked, vinified and fermented in thermoregulated steel. It is recognisable for its notes of aromatic herbs and fruity tones
  4. Primitivois a red wine grape and is the third-most planted grape in Puglia, Southern Italy. This Cantiniere is an elegant ruby red with spicy notes. Thanks to the hints of plum, blackberry and black cherries, it is perfect for seasoned meats, roasts and all types of cheese.
  5. Mosìrosé wine, uses 100% Bombino Nero grapes, known for their intense aroma, light, soft and fresh taste. The Bombino Nero is a red Italian wine grape variety that is grown in southern Italy, particularly the regions of Apulia. The grapes bleed their colour into the wine very quickly, resulting in a fresh, well-coloured light rosé,
But it doesn’t end there, you will also have the opportunity to try our olive oil, olives, homemade focaccia, fresh Terre Di San Vito almonds, the family recipe sundried tomatoes in olive oil as well as Grana Padano cheese accompanied by the Terre Di San Vito jams and dried figs. See bottom of the page for package details and prices. 
Giovanni will share with you, the best way to drink the wine and the history of the food and land.
The experience then moves on to the wine cellar and the on-site shop. There you may get the opportunity to see the finishing touches being made to the wine bottles – the wax being applied to the bottle tops.
All our produce can be purchased in the farm shop or on our UK web site today, just click on the SHOP tab and bring your Terre Di San Vito experience into your home today.


Guided tour of the estate,vineyards and cellars
Tasting of 6 wines
Aperitif with the following gastronomic specialities from Puglia:
extra virgin olive oil Terre di San Vito
organic sundried tomatoes and artichokes in oil
organic almonds
cheeses with Malbec jam and Carrot jam
(sloow food)
Olives from the countryside
Focaccia and friselle (typical Puglia baked products)
Mozzarella cheese
Fresh vegetables from the countryside
Fresh fruits from countryside
No limit refill of the 6 bottles

Price:100€ p/p
2 hours


Available 7 days a week
So, if ever you find yourself in Puglia, we highly recommend you join our wine and produce tasting experience – you will love it!
From Puglia, Italy, with love ❤️
Visit and tasting by appointment