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Posted by TEAM TDSV on 2021-03-06
Our Land Terre Di San Vito Puglia

Our Farm

Love and passion are what drive us here at Terre Di San Vito. We started with a small plot of land and just a few vines, olive trees and a plot for vegetables. We soon realised this rust-coloured soil was the perfect environment for growing exceptionally flavoursome grapes and produce. Over the past 15 years, we have increased the size of our farm to 110 acres and this has enabled us to extend the vineyards, build a cellar and increase the number of olive trees whilst still maintaining traditional values and sustainable methods for working the land.  

With respect for the past and a love of food and wine, our family have lovingly restored and developed this land. We have built a new summer house where you can experience our exceptional wine-tasting sessions. A shop with all our traditional produce and where we add the finishing touches to our wine bottles. A chicken coop, a drove of donkeys, a flock of goats and a muster of beautiful peacocks are a new and welcomed addition to the land. You must come and visit us – it is indeed a place where work and nature live in perfect harmony.

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