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Fig Jam (Fico)


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Figs have always represented one of the most important crops in Apulia, along with olives, grapes and almonds. Fig trees are spread throughout the whole region. There are different types of these trees: those with large or small fruits and those with black or white fruits. They flower and produce fruit from early summer until late September. They are used fresh, dried and in preserves. Our exquisite fig jam follows the traditions of Puglia - delicious at breakfast, as an accompaniment to pecorino or parmesan cheese or with any cured meat.

PRODUCT: Fig Jam (320g)

CULTIVARS: Fioroni fig trees

PRODUCING AREA: Terre di Bari 

DISTRICT: Puglia Italy

INGREDIENTS: Figs and sugar




Once the figs have been hand-harvested from our trees, they are washed and cleaned thoroughly. They are then chopped and placed in a pan of water and sugar to macerate overnight. The following day, the fig mixture is brought to a simmer for approx. 45 minutes. Once cooled, they are transferred in to jars. Our fig jam is an excellent accompaniment to hard cheese – especially tasty with pecorino. Of course, it is also delicious on toast, in cakes, tarts and biscuits.


Free from dairy, gluten, wheat, nuts or artificial colours or flavours. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.


Energy KJ 705

Kcal 168

Fat 0.11g

Of which saturates 0g

Carbohydrates 43.55g

Of which sugars 43.55g

Protein 0.95g

Salt 0.05g.