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Alberobello, The Trulli Town is a convenient one-hour journey southeast of Bari in the rural heart of Puglia. The town is famous for its Eclectic and historic architecture and was named a Unesco World Heritage Site in 1996 because it is an exceptional example of a form of building construction deriving from prehistoric techniques that have survived intact and are still functioning in the modern world.  Heading up Via Monte Michele beyond the commerce, you reach Alberobello's twentieth-century trullo church, the Chiesa di Sant'Antonio. Alberobello is mainly agricultural, with almond groves and olive trees occupying the surrounding countryside. Other sights are the Valle d'Itria, artisan shops scattered around the town, and excellent eateries that serve Puglian specialties such as capocollo ham. The caves of Castellana Grotta offer an excellent, educational and fun day trip with children. A beautiful, fantasy-like town, definitely worth a visit.

To eat, we recommend:

  • Trulli e Puglia Wine Bar, Piazza Gabriele D'Annunzio, 3, 70011 Alberobello BA, Italy -Late night food, wine, cheese
  • Il Guercio di Puglia: Via Imbriani, 6, 70011 Alberobello BA, Italy - Pizza

From Puglia, Italy, with love ❤️