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Posted by TEAM TDSV on 2021-03-25
Malbec grapes, terre di san vito, puglia, italy, red wine
Malbec is a black grape variety native to southwestern France and Argentina but grown in small quantities in a few regions of Italy. The Malbec grape arrived in Italy around the middle of the last century (around 1881), when Count Provana Collegno (of Torino) produced his ampelography.
Terre Di San Vito is the only vineyard in Puglia to grow the Malbec grape and one of the few vineyards in Italy to produce a 100% Malbec wine. In the north-east of Italy it is also known as Malbech, or Malbeck.
Malbec can be planted at various altitudes and at Terre Di San Vito, the Malbec grape thrives. We produce our Tinto, which is 100% Malbec and our award winning Il Vescovo (70% Malbec, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon).
The leaves are large, orbicular and lobed; the cluster is medium sized or large, pyramid-shaped, winged, medium compact; the berry is medium to large, spherical and has a thin, black-blue skin and robust tannins. Productivity is affected by seasonal trends but generally it yields medium- to full-bodied, gutsy reds and easily adapts to both long and short pruning.
The clay-limestone soils are ideal, compact and dry and this reflects its ability to flourish on the Terre Di San Vito land.
Malbec is renowned for its ability to deliver full-flavoured, fruity reds. Our delicious Malbec Tinto wine is silky from the tannins, is deeply-coloured, spicily rich and velvety textured grape with exuberant juiciness that tantalise the nose.
It is also a perfect candidate for blending – especially with wines naturally high in tannins and/or acidity such as our Cabernet Sauvignon. With thanks to the passion and experience of our wine makers, we have created an incredible flavour profile by blending our Malbec grapes with our Cabernet Sauvignon. This blend has resulted in our delicious ‘Il Vescovo’ an award winning wine (Bellavita, London 2015).
Malbec grapes, terre di san vito, puglia, italy, red wine

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