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Finishing our wine

Posted by TEAM TDSV on 2021-03-22
Our labels have a personal meaning but all reflect either a story, the history of Italy or the grape.

The labels 

Our labels have a personal meaning but all reflect either a story, the history of Italy or the grape.
Il Vescovo: translates to The Bishop. Our uncle Franco had added a small chapel and had it consecrated by a local priest. As this was our first wine, and it was used during the service, he named it the Bishop. The picture on the label is our homage to San Nicola, who is the patron saint of Bari.
Apeneste: Polignano is believed to be the site of the ancient Greek city of Neapolis of Apulia. Greeks from Sparta begin to arrive in Puglia during the 8th century BC, settling first in Salento before moving move northwards. From this time the area is linked with the name “Apeneste”, meaning isolated refuge.
Mosi: This name comes from trying many different combinations in order to obtain the desired flavour of wine. Originally made with a blend of grapes, Mosi is the joining of two words in Barese (dialect) ‘Mo Si’ meaning ‘now yes!’ or as we would say ‘finally!’ When the right bend was found, our uncle Franco said ‘mo, si’ and the name was born! Mosi.
Tinto: Is made with 100% Malbec grape. This was originally an Argentinian grape and is the Spanish word for ‘red’. In homage to the origins of the grape and the wine, our uncle Franco named it Tinto.
Cantiniere Primitivo:  The name ‘Cantiniere’ originates from the Italian ‘Cantina’ meaning cellar. The Italians called those who worked in the cellars a ‘Cantiniere’. Their role was to keep the wine barrels/bottles clean, remove the rodents and insects and turn the wines. Our Cantiniere Primitivo is in honour of this important, traditional role within a winery.

To serve our wine:

In warm weather, all our wine is best served chilled – even the red! Refrigerate the red wines for 30 minutes before serving. The white wine and sparkling wine for as long as possible
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This is why we are able to offer something special with our Puglian (IGT) wine.

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