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Cremeria alla Scala - OSTUNI

Posted by TEAM TDSV on 2021-03-21
Cremeria alla Scala - OSTUNI

Cremeria alla Scala

Scalinata Monsignor, Via Tenente Nino Antelmi, 17, 72017 Ostuni BR, Italy.
Owned and run by Enzo and Fabio, the enthusiastic father and son team who opened this gelateria in 2003. 
This creamy heaven was invented by a member of the Medici court, using milk, honey and egg yolks and nothing has been the same since.
At the cremeria, they offer gluten free options for those with gluten allergies and some wonderful house specialities such as spumoni, a special Italian dessert made of layers of ice cream, whipped cream, candied fruit, and nuts – it is delicious!
Cremeria alla Scala - OSTUNI

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