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Bahia Alimini Otranto nightclub - OTRANTO

Posted by TEAM TDSV on 2021-03-18
Bahia Alimini Otranto nightclub

Bahia Alimini Otranto nightclub

Litoranea Alimini-Otranto (Le)

The Bahia nightclub in Otranto is a precursor of fashions and trends and is a reference point for all-round music lovers thanks to the high quality of the DJs and the people who frequent it.
It is one of the most popular nightclubs in Salento and during the day it is also Bahia beach in Alimini, Otranto. Here the scent of the sea combines with the warmth of the sand, which houses Arabian style tents and wooden beds.
Bahia Beach by day, Bahia Disco by night.After a day of sunbathing, after the sun sets, when the moon and the stars come out, the beach transforms into an exclusive dance floor on the Adriatic. 
For those who do not like to let loose on the dance floor, you can sip a refreshing cocktail on the white sofas in the garden filled with exotic scents

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