Terre’s Yummy Mummy! – Jo Middleton

Terre’s Yummy Mummy! - Jo Middleton News   Self-proclaimed Slummy Single Mummy and adventurous cat-loving foodie Jo Middleton has her own unique twist on Terre Di San Vito. Jo is a fun yummy mummy who enjoys the good things in life such as her two cats, her gorgeous children and of course, all the delicious foods she cooks up in the kitchen. When trying Terre Di San Vito for the first time she recalls:

“Since being single and owning my own house (and getting older probably) I seem to have fallen into a very particular kind of weekend morning routine. First I stroke the cats OBVIOUSLY and give them breakfast, then I potter about emptying the bins and the cat litter tray and other such glamorous activities. I make myself a coffee and then I like to roast something. Bit weird?? Often it’s cauliflower, which Belle loathes, but today it was mushrooms, drizzled with this olive oil that I was sent to me to try this week by Terre Di San Vito. I don’t quite know what it is with the roasting vegetable thing. Partly I really like having cooking smells in the house, (probably because I don’t cook much), partly I feel good for starting the weekend by eating something healthy. Mainly though I think there’s just something that feels kind of wholesome and comforting about the whole process. Or maybe I’m just odd”Terre’s Yummy Mummy! - Jo Middleton News

Sometimes as a mum it can be difficult to know what to cook for your family. If you have young children, you realise that their taste buds are changing – maybe they are wanting to try new things – or perhaps they want to stick to what they know. Luckily our Terre Di San Vito olive oil works with nearly any meal, adding its own twist of flavour and rich essence to whet your appetite. Being extra virgin olive oil it hasn’t been altere, but is made of only the ‘raw’ flavourings and materials that have been used to provide your food with that rich, homely flavours.

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