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Mixed case of 6 bottles including 1x Terre Brut WHITE


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This mixed case will consist of one of each of our wines

  1. Il Vescovo (IGT)-  Il Vescovo is our award winning flagship red wine. Made with a mix of our Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec grapes, it is a complex and elegant blend that is rich and full-bodied. An incredibly tasty and generously balanced red wine that won 2 stars of excellence at the London 2015 Bellavita awards.
  2. Tinto (IGT) Our Tinto is a red wine - a Malbec with a pure velvety texture and violet hues. Its silky tannins help give it a dark, deep red colour and evokes hints of blueberry, blackberry and cherry.
  3. Apeneste (IGT), comes only from the Sauvignon Blanc grapes grown in our vineyard in Polignano. They are hand-picked, vinified and fermented in thermoregulated steel. It is recognisable for its notes of aromatic herbs and fruity tones
  4. Cantinerie Primitivo (IGT) is a red wine grape and is the third-most planted grape in Puglia, Southern Italy. This Cantiniere is an elegant ruby red with spicy notes. Thanks to the hints of plum, blackberry and black cherries, it is perfect for seasoned meats, roasts and all types of cheese.
  5. Mosi IGT) Our Mosì rosé wine, uses 100% Malbec grapes, known for their intense aroma, light, soft and fresh taste. The Malbec grape is a red wine grape variety that is not indigenous to Puglia (IGT) but florishes exceptionally well on our soil. The Malbec grapes bleed their colour into the wine very quickly, resulting in a fresh, well-coloured deliciously light rosé,
  6. Terre Brut (Classic Method) Sparkling White WineThe Pinot Noir grapes are harvested by hand around the first ten days of August. They undergo a soft pressing where only the must (the juice of the grape) is extracted. Selected yeasts are added then in steel barrels, at a controlled temperature of 18 ° C the fermentation process begins. The bottling (tirage) takes place the following spring and is stored for a minimum of 25 months. This is where the wine undergoes its second fermentation and becomes effervescent. This is known as the ‘metodo classico". After the disgorgement (or dégorgement), the wine is then placed in the cellar for at least four more months.