Lunch for One, Anyone? – Clare Nicholas

Lunch for One, Anyone? - Clare Nicholas News   Mum and qualified nanny Clare Nicholas lets Terre join her on her adventure with her two young children.

Being a mum can be both fun and challenging at times, to the point where you can sometimes find it difficult to get some alone time. A nice relaxing session on the sofa with your favourite book in hand and a glass of wine sounds like an absolute fantasy. However, our fun mummy Clare found some time to rustle up a quick lunch for one that can be done in one pan in as little as 5-10 mins. Chopping up some veg and protein she makes this quick wrap, accompanied by Terre Di San Vito olive oil.

Clare tells us: “Who said lunch for one had to be boring? This is definitely one of my favourites. All cooked in the same pan, a little chopping, a good extra virgin olive oil in a wok (I used Terre Di San Vito which is also great for dipping hot bread into) 5 minutes (ish) and lunch is ready, with hardly any washing up to do!

Lunch for One, Anyone? - Clare Nicholas News   I do always go a little heavy handed on the sour cream though, a guilty pleasure

The good thing about our Terre Di San Vito olive oil is how long it can maintain its freshness; this makes it easier to use if you are cooking up a meal just for one. Rather than worrying about making enormous portions, our oil can be savoured for another special occasion. Or, as Clare said, it’s great for dipping hot bread into as a quick and simple snack on the go. It’s quick, easy and your kids will love it. Yummmy!

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