How to check if your Extra Virgin Olive Oil really is ‘Extra Virgin’…



What is Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

+ First the oil must come from fresh olives that were milled within 24 hours of their harvest.
+ Next it must be extracted by mechanical means, not from heat or chemicals.
+ They must not be treated chemically in any way.
+ Extra virgin oil is in fact fresh olive juice.
+ Being a fruit, olives contain natural antioxidants that protect the plant during its lifetime. When the olive tree is very old it contains more of these antioxidants. This is one of the reasons that olive trees are often hundreds of years old and create antioxidant rich products.

Extra-virgin olive oil (cold pressed) is the best.  The problem is: How do we know if it is the real thing and not fraud oil?

6 Tips for recognizing the real Extra Virgin Olive Oil

+ Do not buy light olive oil or a blend…it isn’t ‘virgin’ quality.
+ Only buy oils in dark bottles. This protects the oil from oxidation.
+ Look for a harvesting date on the label.


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