Cooking with Terre and Rebecca O’Malley

Cooking with Terre and Rebecca O’Malley News   We take a sneak peak into the wonderful world of Irish foodie Instagrammer Rebecca O’Malley. She has been cooking up a storm of goodness in her kitchen; combining the use of our stunning Terre Di San Vito oil and some other delicious ingredients to make these exquisite meals:

She put together this delicious sweet potato falafel with an abundance of veggies roasted in our fresh, homemade Terre Di San Vito olive oil; the famous purple beetroot, edamame beans, red cabbage and a whole lot of hummus

She also made homemade Lentil ragu, served with garlic chilli fried courgetti dressed with our Terre Di San Vito extra virgin olive oil.

Cooking with Terre and Rebecca O’Malley News
Finally, she made a roasted aubergine and vegetable salad, dressed in our Terre Di San Vito olive oil with chilli salt and garlic! Then she toasted some almonds and chopped some feta for the salad. The sauce is made from olive oil, carrot, shallots, mushroom, garlic, Passata, tomato purée, tinned plum tomatoes, chilli and fresh basil!

Extra virgin olive oil has many health benefits and using it ‘raw’ helps to maintain all the nutrients and its full properties – but it can be successfully used in cooking too. The rich nutty-woody flavour of pure extra virgin olive oil tastes incredible on seasonal fresh vegetables. As the oil is extracted from the olives in cold temperatures, extra virgin olive oil retains all those necessary antioxidants that are beneficial for having good health. ‘Virgin’ means that that the oil is unrefined and pure as no chemicals are used in the extraction process. Everything is freshly made and carefully executed in order to provide you with the very best Puglia can offer. There are so many ways you can use our oil, from cooking to hair and beauty care, the possibilities are endless.


Cooking with Terre and Rebecca O’Malley News

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